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Engaged Sweeper

I am trying to use lansweeper for a software audit. I need to know how many times we have installed particular software. All was going well until I started looking for Adobe photoshop cs5. I know that I have installed this on 2 of my machines but only 1x photoshop cs5.1 is being shown. The client which is not being shown, if I manually view all installed software, cs5 is not shown.

Please advise!

Thanks in advanced.
Lansweeper Alumni
Lansweeper lists the same software information that can be found under Add/Remove Programs (or Programs & Features) on the client machine. If the information displayed in the web console does not match what is on the machine, perform a Full Rescan of the machine to ensure that you have the latest available computer details.
Engaged Sweeper
Hi again,

This is now resolved.

So from my understanding, lansweeper picks up software from appwiz.cpl

Photoshop wasnt in this list for one machine, instead the creative suite 5 was installed. My Bad!