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Engaged Sweeper
I am testing lansweeper. On my network peoples IP addresses change all the time.
People with notebooks will connect to the wired network at there desk but then get up move and suddenly be on the building wireless. (the wired network is much faster)

Anyway, I am testing LS on a notebook. So I initially scan it and it is detected. on IP I test the tools such as vnc remote it works perfectly.

I then disable the wireless and connect the wire. it is now on ip I scan can LS changes the IP correctly. I try to run the tools such as VNC remote and get an error cannot connect port 445....

So I go to another computer on 192.168.64.x and try the tools. they work fine.
so it is not a problem with the subnet.

I switch the notebook back the the wireless it picks up the same wireless IP I test the tools, they work fine!

So for some reason is the IP address changes. The tools no longer work.
This will become a very huge problem, I have hundreds of devices that temporarily come on and off the network everyday. Keeping the same IP on a single computer is literally impossible.

Engaged Sweeper
Thats got it.
Its all based on my local dns cache.

Flush DNS fixes all the problems
Lansweeper Alumni
This is actually the same problem: (, DYKMAN-NBK)
No ip address is listed, these names couldn't be resolved to an IP address by the service.
Engaged Sweeper
thats probably it. MY local computer DNS cache has not updated.
that sometimes take a bit more time than the server side DNS

I shall test

right now I am testing what happens if I change the computer name.
I am waiting for scans. I been looking in the documentation and forum
but cannot find anything on how long it takes for active scan to work

this seems to be a similar problem

I am worried what happens if a computer name changes.
so I took my notebook and changed the name and registered it on the domain.

LS found the new computer name. but will not scan it
The RPC server is unavailable 0x800706BA (, DYKMAN-NBK) 12/9/2010 10:24:30 AM
Cannot connect to DCOM port 135 : Firewalled? (DYKMAN-NBK) 12/9/2010 10:24:30 AM

IT scanned it fine with the other name!
all I did was change the name
so why does it scan with one name and not another
this makes no sense
Lansweeper Alumni
You can try "ping computername" to check if it resolves to the same IP address.

"ipconfig /flushdns" flushes your dns cache.
Engaged Sweeper
Maybe I need to wait longer for this to work?
I will test
Lansweeper Alumni
The tools connect to {computer} by default which is the computer name.
You can change this to {fqdn} if you use active directory.

If you use "ping computername", your computer gets the remote computer's IP address from wins or dns and caches it.

Lansweeper connects to the computer's name, not to the IP address.

If you get the old IP then:
- it's still cached on your computer.
- dns or wins isn't updated yet.