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Engaged Sweeper
Good Morning, when upgrading to Lansweeper im getting the following installation error.

C:\program files\Lansweeper\GUIConsole\lsmanage.exe

An error occured whilt trying to replace the existing file:
DeleteFile failed; code5.
Access is denied

Click retry to try again, Ignore to skip this file (not recommended) or abort to cancel the installation

The LanSweeper Service will no longer start after clicking abort and the installer rolled back the changes. Please advise
Engaged Sweeper
I did an abort on the install, then restarted the server running LS.
I re-ran the install after boot and everything went through.
I did need to reboot the server one more time (the LS server was spiking the CPU to 100%).

All looks good now.
Engaged Sweeper
I'm getting the same error.
Confirmed lsmanage.exe is not running.
Should I abort setup, reboot the server, and re-run install?

Lansweeper Alumni
Most likely lsmanage.exe was still open during the upgrade.
I suggest to close it and run the upgrade again.