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Lansweeper Alumni
Note: this is a beta version, use at your own risk

Beta testing is closed !

Note that upgrading to this version will delete all scanned eventlogs (don't worry, they will be rescanned)

- Improved software scanning. (faster scanning, much less network traffic)
- Software version now shows the exact same version as in "add/remove programs"
- Fixed bug in cleanup actions.
- Fixed bug in eventlog scanning which gave duplicates in some time zones.
- Fixed bug : ip address of some scanned computers is blank.
- Installer changed to unicode.
- Fixed several installer problems.
- Lansweeper build-in webserver has been replaced by IIS express (which supports integrated authentication)
- Fixed problem with lsremote.exe crashing on windows 2008 R2
- Remove port 445 check from remote screenshot, remote uninstall and remote control.