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Engaged Sweeper
I am looking for a solution that will allow a tech to visit a new client site and inventory their network. This would be a one time audit for new clients that would give us insight into what they currently have. I would prefer not to install software on client’s computers but have a tool that will run from one of our laptops.

Is LanSweeper suitable for this?

If so, which product/license is required.

Majority of networks are domain environments w/ Active Directory. Will it be necessary for the computer performing the scan (ideally one of our technician's laptops) to be joined to the client's domain?

Thanks in advance for any help or comments for using in this scenario.
Lansweeper Alumni
The "consultant version" is what you need.

The computer does not need to join the domain but you need the administrative credentials of the domain and you need to set the DNS server to the DNS of active directory. See:

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