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Engaged Sweeper
All of our system administrators have two domain account: one for regular use and one for administration. And only the admin account would have admin rights on all other windows PC in the plant.

We would like to restrict access to Lansweeper to only these admin accounts. I have setup integrated authentication in IIS express that came with Lansweeper, but the only problem is that sys admin will have to use Run As to run their browser, and here the problems come.

In V4, it simply gives us a prompt window to enter admin account/password, so if we only want to view/query information on Lansweeper, this is simple and good enough. If we need to run some actions like lsremote, we will run Internet Explorer as admin account.

In V5 with IIS Express, we lost the first option, and most people just want to look up information on Lansweeper really quick, and they hate to shift-right click to open another instance of browser to get into Lansweeper.

So what's the best way to bring back the old prompt window easily?
I'm thinking maybe migrating to IIS will do it for me, but I've not tried.
And once moved to IIS, will it be harder to upgrade Lansweeper?

And instead of playing with web server authentication, would it be good to implement user authentication at the application level?

Thanks for any advices.

Lansweeper Alumni
Note that login prompts are browser specific, not web server specific. Internet Explorer automatically tries to log in as the currently logged on user; Firefox and Chrome will, by default, prompt for credentials.

To make IE prompt for credentials, select Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level and, under User Authentication, tick "Prompt for user name and password".
Engaged Sweeper
Never mind, I simply create a new AD group and add all admin's regular account to it, that way they can still access Lansweeper without Run As.