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Engaged Sweeper

We have one HP WLAN Access Point in our remote site. For some reason Lansweeper is not detecting this device and it's not showing in the inventory. Device is replying to ping and we have same AP:s in our main site and they show on inventory just fine. How to debug this?

Device tester output for this problematic device:

XX.XX.XX.116 Ping OK
SNMP Not active or community name wrong
Port 135 is closed
Port 139 is closed
Port 445 is closed
Netbios UDP information not accessible
Netbios information not accessible
FTP port is closed
SMTP port is closed
SIP port 5060 is closed
HP jetdirect port 9100 is closed
SSH port 22 is closed

Scanning done!
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at and provide us with a screenshot of a connection test performed to a successfully scanned access point. For easy reference, also include a link to this forum thread in your email.