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Champion Sweeper
hi all
im looking to build a list of software risks, which you wouldnt have installed on your network. ie software that puts your network at risks due to port mobility / malware threat / allows remote login / remote tranfare of data etc etc.

for example, the software i know that isnt permitted on our network is skype (due to port mobility) and logmein (due to remote access to machines), and i have reports set up to let me know when they are installed.

but im just wondering, what software othere users wont allow on thier networks?

any suggestions, links welcome.
Champion Sweeper
Thanks for that input lars..

ill add them to my report list now..

thanks again
Engaged Sweeper
We do not allow the following ones:
Google Desktop Search, Google Toolbar,Google Chrome, Skype, WebEx, Teamviewer
LogMeIn, Sococo, Flexchat, TalkRemote, Acrobat Connect, MindJet Player, Mochasoft, Android Sync Tools, iPad/iPod Sync Tools,
There are a lot of Hackertools as well to be considered.
All depends on your needs.