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Engaged Sweeper
When we use the remote control tool (lsremote) to remote a screen size that is greater than ours, we have to scroll or use the option on the right click menu to Auto-Scale the screen (Ctrl+Alt+F10). We can't seem to find a way to set the these options globally. Is there a config file that we can place in the Actions folder that will do this for us? Or, is there a command line switch we can append to the custom action?

Lansweeper Version:
LSRemote Version:

Thanks in advance
Champion Sweeper II
cool I did not know we could right click and get some options 🙂
In any case , the auto scale window option is great, but unfortunately it does not save that option so you must set it each time. I've just tested that.

o well
Lansweeper Alumni
You cannot use any additional command line parameters.

The easiest way will be to setup everything correctly, then export the registry key into a .reg file.
Engaged Sweeper
I tried adding these values one at a time, still can't get it to auto-scale:


I noticed that you have the default of:
"{actionpath}lsremote.exe {computer} /NP" in the custom action.

Is there a help file for these settings or can you send me some parameters. I looked at but these do not help either.
Lansweeper Alumni
The settings are stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER
You can create a .reg file for this.

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