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Engaged Sweeper
Hello. I have the Premium trial installed, and I'm trying to make sure everything works before we purchase. I have 15 days left on the trial.

Here is the issue that I have run in to. I have several remote people, and I would like to use the Lspush program to get their inventories. However, when it is run, it does not open Outlook for them to send an email to me. Even with Outlook already open, it does not create a new email.

Please help.
Lansweeper Alumni
Could you try running LsPush with just the "/debug" parameter. This will return a debug message with any errors that may have occurred.

Most likely Outlook is not set as the default MAPI client on the machine. Under Start\Default Programs\Set Program Access & Computer Defaults, is Microsoft Outlook set as the default e-mail program?
Engaged Sweeper
I am running it with no additional parameters. It runs, but never starts a new email.

I just tried with the /file switch, and it did open the temp folder with the file.
Lansweeper Alumni
Are you running the LsPush executable without any extra parameters, as required?

If the problem persists, could you try running LsPush with the /file parameter and see if a file is generated. This will help pinpoint whether the problem occurs in creating the scan file or in attaching it to email.

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