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Champion Sweeper II

I have LSpush running as an item in our logon script that is initiated by Active Directory. LSclient used to be done in just a couple of seconds. LSpush also takes just a couple of seconds on older computers (WXP with IE8), but on newer computers (W7 and IE9) it takes up to a minute or more to complete.

Is this a problem or is this expected behavior?

Lansweeper Alumni
Most likely the delay is indeed caused by the computer not being fully booted and the necessary WMI classes not being available yet.
Champion Sweeper II
Hello - Thanks for the reply.

The times turned out as follows:
- "LsPush /file" takes about 8 seconds to complete.
- "LsPush server /showresult" takes about 10 seconds to complete.

If I run the logon script (which does the tasks below) from the logon server's NETLOGON folder after the computer is completed booted, it takes about 14 seconds, the last 10 seconds being LsPush.

The logon script doesn't do much:
- Sets the time
- Removes mappings to 2 network drives
- Maps those 2 network drives
- LsPush

Anyway, perhaps the problem is that the computer is still going through its bootup process which causes the logon script the run slowly as it competes for client resources. The computer that I'm using to test has an Intel i5 2.53 GHz processor (which is dual core), and 4GB RAM; the OS is W7 32-bit.

Does that sound like a logical explanation for it?

I guess it's not ultimately too much of an issue as LsPush eventually succeeds in every case.

Lansweeper Alumni
LsClient does not perform any actual scanning, so it is normal for LsPush scans to take longer. A minute does seem unusually long however.

Could you try running LsPush manually on one of the affected machines.
- First, run it with the /file parameter and see how long it takes for the scan to complete.
- Then run LsPush with direct server connection and the /showresult parameter to verify how long it takes for the server connection to be established. You will receive feedback as to whether or not the connection succeeded.