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Engaged Sweeper

I've been using LSPush.exe to scan workstations on the network for almost a year on version 4.2. I specified the server address and it would send the workstation's full inventory to the server.

Now that I upgraded to version 5, LSPush returns a "Connection to server failed". I'm using the latest version of LSPush, and the utility works when not specifying a scan server.

This command used to work: lspush.exe [SERVER-IP] /showresult

So I switched back to LSClient. I preferred LSPush though as it would pump the entire PC's inventory right away.

Is there anyway to make LSPush work as it used to, on version 5?

Lansweeper Alumni
Problem resolved through email. You are running the freeware version of Lansweeper, which does not support LsPush. (This is true for Lansweeper 4.2 as well as 5.0.)
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at and provide your errorlog.txt file and an example lspush file.
I sent you guys everything you need via email. Thanks! 🙂
Lansweeper Alumni
Could you please ensure that you are using the 5.0 version of LsPush in your script. Lansweeper 5.0 includes a new LsPush version. The updated executable should have been copied to the Program Files (x86)/Lansweeper/Client folder on your Lansweeper server. Other explanations for a connection failure:
- The Lansweeper service is stopped on your server. (Restart it if this is the case.)
- Port 9524 or any other port you're using for LsPush is closed on your server.
- The account your Lansweeper service is running under does not have the necessary privileges to open the LsPush port. (If this is the case, failures are logged in Program Files (x86)/Lansweeper/Service/Errorlog.txt.)
Thank you for your reply,

- I verified LsPush, it's the latest version.
- The LS service is running, I restarted it, nothing.
- Port 9524 is listening, I test it with a port scanner.
- The account LS is running under seems OK, I don't have any error in the logs related to this. The only error in the log file are from before I updated the account's password.

Other ideas?

Thanks. 🙂