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Engaged Sweeper

I've got some computers and servers in a workgroup which either appears as NAS devices or doesn't show up at all. The device tester says that port 135 is closed even though I've run the lansweeper.vbs script. The windows firewall is switched off. Does it need to be on?

Any other ideas?
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at support@lansweeper and provide us with screenshots of the following:
- Your credentials under Scanning Options\Scanning Credentials. Are you using a common username/password combination that has administrative privileges on all workgroup computers?
- The scanning methods used to scan the affected computers: Workgroup Scanning, IP Range Scanning and/or Scheduled Scanning. These can be found under Scanning Servers\Your Server.
- Test trying to connect to an affected computer using the Devicetester.exe. (We'd like to see the whole window.)
- Test trying to connect to an affected computer using the testconnection.exe.
Information on using the testers can be found on pages 106 and 107 of our online documentation.
- Device webpage of the affected computer.
Engaged Sweeper
I've got version installed.
Lansweeper Alumni
If you are not yet on version 4.2 of Lansweeper, could you first try upgrading.

Our latest 4.2 installer can be found here.
Instructions on upgrading can be found on page 103 of our online documentation.
Engaged Sweeper
No, they don't have any anti virus programs or firewalls installed.

The port 135 now seems to be open but still they appear as NAS. Here's the log from one of the servers:

SNMP Not active or community name wrong
Port 135 is open
Port 139 is open
Port 445 is open
Netbios information not accessible
FTP port is closed
SMTP port is closed
HTTP port is closed
HTTPS port is closed
SIP port 5060 is closed
HP jetdirect port 9100 is closed
SSH port 22 is closed

Scanning done!
Lansweeper Alumni
Is there another firewall running on these workstations?

Lansweeper uses port 135 to determine whether a machine is a computer or a device, so port 135 being closed explains the issue you are experiencing.

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