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Engaged Sweeper

I'm wondering if there will be a way to mass add generic assets to the new version of lansweeper. Example:

I have 50 "headsets/microphones" that (obviously) can't be scanned by lansweeper. My finance dept wants an INDIVIDUAL item for each headset, and to be so finite as to eventually track each individual headset.

I'd like to be able to add 50 headsets to the DB, I think it should be simple enough:

Mass add --> LS website asks me for naming convention (for asset name) --> ""MTL-HEADSET"+001" ---> LS should add them all with incremental increases.

I then could leverage the 'mass change' feature you've implemented to add the purchase price and any matching data to each asset.

Engaged Sweeper
I missed this new feature, was over excited about the other new features! Thanks a bunch! 🙂
Lansweeper Alumni
In 5.1, you can import assets from a spreadsheet under Configuration/Scanning Setup/Database Scripts. We recommend using this feature to add your headsets to the database. There are no immediate plans for a "Mass Add" option.