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Engaged Sweeper
I was hoping that this new version of Lansweeper would allow for manually adding MAC addresses, as it was mention in an earlier post:

But this doesn't seem to be the case.

The situation is that many remote assets NOT scanned by WMI or SNMP (like IP Phones) don't register a MAC address in Lansweeper, it would be incredibly handy to add them in manually for the purposes of linking to switch Address Tables. I do understand that upgrading form Standard to Enterprise level will give me the ability to add remote scanning, but that is not in the cards for the small number of remote assets that I support. In lieu of that, I would like to manually add/change the MAC. I see that Lansweeper relies on the MAC or an IP address, or the comptuer name as the unique identifier for assets. I think this is the problem.

My suggestion is that Lansweeper really should generate GUIDs for all assets for linking tables instead of using MACs/IPs/names. That way you will not need to rely on asset information that may change for keeping each database entry unique. I also think that GUIDs would allow assets to retain their entry should the network interface or MAC address or computer name change, thus allowing any accrued history of an asset to not be lost.

This is a minor issue in comparison to all the things Lansweeper does well. It just would be a handy enhancement for us standard license users who have just a few remote assets. I'd be interested to know if you have any plans (or a time table) for allowing the MAC address to be manually entered or automatically updated without generating a new asset entry?

Thanks for any considerations on my points above.
Lansweeper Alumni
We need to identify assets based on something we can pull from the asset itself. If we didn't do this, new asset pages would be generated every time your assets were scanned. (If we can't compare record A in the Lansweeper database with data being pulled from asset A, we cannot know that record A matches asset A and should be updated with new asset information. A new record would have to be generated for asset A.)

In Lansweeper 5.1, you can manually submit MAC addresses during asset import. Assets can be imported under Configuration/Scanning Setup/Database Scripts.