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Champion Sweeper II

Our company is doing a Windows domain upgrade (moving machines from a old NT 4.0 domain to a 2008 AD) and the behavior of version is different from version 3.5 regarding machines that change domains.
On version 3.5, the service would (correctly, IMHO) change the domain of the scanned computer, but on version 4.1, it just creates another machine entry.

We are now seeing several machines duplicated, one on the old domain, another on the new domain. I didn't find any setting that I could change to address this, is there something we can do, or do I have to delete the older machines by hand ?

I've also tried to make a custom report for finding duplicate machines (using the duplicate service tag as template and as the key) but my SQL skills are non-existent and I've failed miserably. Could you provide the syntax for a report that finds duplicate names ?

Lansweeper Alumni
In the configuration tool you can right click the computer and choose "rename" before changing the domain.