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Engaged Sweeper

I have Lansweeper Premium working for some months here in my company. We have 12 domains (3 using AD and 9 using NT 4).

Other day I was playing with "Scanning & cleanup options" and all computers not in Active Directory were marked as "Inactive" on the web interface.

Altough I've been trying to "force" re-scan of those computers (with lsclient) they are not coming back to active.

How can I get (more than 400 computers not in AD domain) back as active computers again in Lansweeper?

Thanks for the help,

Now, I have these settings marked in "Scanning options":

- Automatically make non-active computers active when they are rescanned by lsclient or active scanning.
- Refresh active directory computer details.
- Refresh active directory user details.

(I don't have anything more checked in Scanning and cleanup options)

Engaged Sweeper
It is working now!

We bought LanSweeper exactly because we need to inventory manchines on nt4 domains to migrate them to 2003 domain.

Thanks for the help!
Lansweeper Alumni
You can use the following SQL:

"update tblcompcustom set state=1"

most likely the error is caused by the nt4 domain (nt4 is not supported)
Engaged Sweeper
As I told, that option is already checked.

See the screen attached with the options that I have configured.

I forced lsclient rediscovery from lots of inactive pc's they are not coming to active.

Seems a BUG in LanSweeper...

Is there a way to force all PC's to come active via SQL?
Lansweeper Alumni
"Automatically make non-active computers active when they are rescanned by lsclient or active scanning." should do the trick to make them active as soon as they are rescanned again.