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Engaged Sweeper

I used this report (https://www.lansweeper.com/report/internet-explorer-zero-day-vulnerability-audit/) to show which computer still needs the update.

But since I installed Windows OS Build 18362.418, it has been a bit strange.

I've installed the KB4522016 which can be seen in the new lay-out from Windows Updates (Update for Windows (KB4522016 Successfully installed on ‎24-‎9-‎2019)

But it does no longer show in the old lay-out from Windows Updates (which can be found through the Control Panel, Programs and Features). It used to show there with Windows OS Build 10.0.18362.357.

Could it be that Windows has changed some settings so Lansweeper thinks it is not updated because it is looking in the old lay-out?

I hope someone has a clear answer for this and how to fix it.

With kind regards,

ICT Support