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How to secure web console

Two questions here1. How to allow only authorized users to access the web console (http:\\servername\lansweeper)?2. How to provide different user with different view when they opening web console? I.E., we don't want helpdesk to use any Action items ...

Remove non-authorized local administrators found?

This isn't really a problem related to Lansweeper, however...Since Lansweeper can list non authorized local administrators.Do you know how to set up a startup-script that removes users from the local administrator group?We have an environment that ha...

ifm by Champion Sweeper
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Blocking Lansweeper Remote Access to certain PCs

I'm sure this is relatively simple, but Lansweeper is used at our business and has been utilized for quite some time. I need to know how to block Lansweeper's remote control and screenshot functions to certain computers. Any help is appreciated.

bgill4 by Engaged Sweeper
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Database Name

we want to test 4.0, but want to use the same SQL server as our production version. Does the beta use the same database name, or something new?

Rboynton by Engaged Sweeper
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Bandwidth usage over WAN

Our Lansweeper server is set up at HDQ. We have branch offices across the country. Could you explain how Lansweeper avoid to kill the WAN circuit? How many simultaneous scan one Lansweeper server can perform ?


We never got our receipt for our purchase, it shows up on our credit card statement, but never received a receipt. I checked our spam filtering and nothing....Checked from and, what do we need to do to get it?