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Engaged Sweeper III

I have been reported that lansweeper server is sometimes creating output traffic of 4~6 MB to the computer. This is not much but it is problematic for branch offices. Do you have any advice how to troubleshoot this issue? I understand that the data has to be pulled from the computer to LS server. Having such traffic from server to the PC is strange. We have dedicated Lansweeper server, it is not having user shares, not hosting files, printers, etc...

Lansweeper Alumni
One full first time computer scan using one of the non-agent based scanning methods is 4MB; subsequent scans take much less data.
The discrepancy between inbound and outbound traffic is to be expected. It actually takes more bandwidth to establish the various WMI connections used for scanning than it does to send the scan results back to the server.

By default Lansweeper uses as much bandwidth as it can get.
Best practices for reducing bandwidth:
1. Reduce the number of scanning threads on the scanning server. This can be done through the Lansweeper configuration console under Scanning Servers\Your Server\Options\Service Options. (You need to restart the Lansweeper service after changing this setting.)
2. Perform one full Lansweeper installation and add multiple scanning servers to share the load between servers. Multiple scanning servers are supported by the Enterprise license.
3. Use LsPush in a logon script. LsPush scans are only 40 KB for one full scan :
4. Use QOS on your WAN connections to throttle the bandwidth used by the Lansweeper server. (This is recommended for Lansweeper and other applications.)

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