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Engaged Sweeper
I'm just realizing that there are fields in Lansweeper for computer location. I've added locations from AD on several of my computers and performed a full rescan but the info isn't showing up. How can I get the Location info to show up on the reports? Any help would be appreciated.
Lansweeper Alumni
Note that there is a Location field in both tblCompCustom and tblADComputers. If you are looking at the Location field on computer webpages under Custom Fields, that is the tblCompCustom.Location one. This field is to custom submit information and is not derived from AD; the tblADComputers.Location field is.

If you are not seeing the information in the tblADComputers.Location field either, could you do the following:
- Ensure that the option "Refresh active directory computer details" is checked in your configuration console under Scanning Servers\Your Server\Options\Scanning & Cleanup Options.
- Restart your Lansweeper service.