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Engaged Sweeper
I was initially able to get scanning for a test OS X laptop to work. A co-worker changed our ssh credential from a local account to an AD account which I could never get to work. I changed it back to the local administrator credential but I am still getting the same failed results. At some point, the scanned results now report this is a linux machine and I am getting and error stating LinuxNotInstalled - dmidecode - 03/04/2013 14:30:33

I also looked at the logs on the Mac while trying to run a scan and it sees the connection attempt but complains there is not identity and promptly closes the connection. I have made sure the ssh credential is configured for our local administrator account and have tested SSH from my PC to the Mac and it logs in fine.

Any ideas would be great!

Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at support@lansweeper.com and provide the output of the device tester for this machine.