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Engaged Sweeper
I'm trying to get all our license tracking under control, and was just wondering if there is a way we can manually add license compliance information for "per user" or CAL licensing.

An example of this would be Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services CALs. We have purchased 120 of these licenses which allow for 120 concurrent users. Whilst I can appreciate it may be difficult to track usage of the licenses - as it's not exactly a trackable software item, it would be good if we could manually input this information into the license compliance area so it shows up on the report.

If I enter it as i would any other license - with 120 purchased, it shows up as 0 in use on the report because i have no software to associate with it.

Any workarounds would be appreciated.

Lansweeper Alumni
This kind of license tracking is not currently possible. License compliance changes are planned for one of our future updates, which will allow you to manually add more information. We have no release date yet for this feature.

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