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Engaged Sweeper II
I want to do a SNMPGet for each IP, to get a specific OID and then display it as a report.

Like I can add a file to scan for, then build a report on it. I want the same for a SNMP OID.

I built a PHP page, that goes out and collects specific OID's from specific servers and dispalys them. I want to move this feature to LanSweeper since it makes more sense.

Basically each server keeps a lot of good info in SNMP and I want to display it in LanSweeper.

Edit: I know LanSweeper has SNMP support now, but can I tell it which specific OID's to collect for each device for a value? As near as I can tell you just give it a "vendor OID" and then some magic happens
Lansweeper Alumni
This is currently not possible.