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Engaged Sweeper

I'm testing out lansweeper and the problem occurred. Didn't find a solution for it yet, maybe someone in here can help.

The problem is - I had a complete inventory of my company's assets. I added a comment for one of the assets (The asset is a computer, and I added a comment about its monitor). And problem occurred when I changed the computer name in windows 8. The problem is that when I changed the computers name, lansweeper automatically added a new asset with the new name. My goal was to see if it updates the asset name and keeps the comment. But it actually just added a new asset with the new name and no comment and kept the old one as it was (which is now inactive, because it technically don't exist anymore, because of the name change).
So now there is 2 assets with identical specifications, different names and one has a comment, but I only need one asset with the new name and the comment.

So my question is - Is there a way that when I change an asset/computer name, it just updates the asset in lansweeper and doesn't add a new asset?

Sorry for my bad english!

Best wishes,

Lansweeper Alumni
Please note that Lansweeper cannot detect computer name or domain name changes. Currently, the correct way to rename a computer or move it to a different domain is to first rename/move it in Lansweeper and then rename/move the machine itself. You can rename/move a computer by browsing to its Lansweeper webpage and then hitting the Edit Asset button, under Asset Options. When the machine is rescanned, its existing database entry will then simply be updated. If you don’t rename/move the machine in Lansweeper first, a new database entry will be generated.

We've been considering implementing an automatic rename procedure based on MAC address, but duplicate MACs are not an uncommon occurrence, particularly on virtual machines.