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Engaged Sweeper

I have a problem with this action:

iehv.exe -folder "\\{computer}\c$\Documents and Settings\{username}\Configuración local\Historial"

Every time I run it, all I got is the IEHistoryview windows with any info.
But then I go to item menu file/select menu folder/ and the path I got (and I suppose this path was passed by lansweeper action) is this one:

\\\\computer\\c$\\Documents and Settings\\user\\Configuración local\\Historial

As u can see, there are many slashes. So, when I modify this line to

\\computer\c$\Documents and Settings\user\Configuración local\Historial

IEHistoryview shows the info OK.

But the action link on the lansweeper webpage is this


I think here there are many slashes, and this could be the reason because I got an empty IEHistoryview window. Or perhaps the problem is that the language is spanish, and instead of "local configuration" I have a "Configuración local" (with accent).

How could I fix this problem?

Thank you!
Lansweeper Alumni
Possibly, we're not sure. If you cannot get the command to run properly from the command line, the problem is not with Lansweeper in any case.
Engaged Sweeper
Yes, I can run this command on command line (using single slashes). But the result is also a blank screen on IEHistoryview.
The only way to see data on IEHistoryview is by using its menu item and select the right path without doble slashes.

Perhaps it's a problem with the accent...
Lansweeper Alumni
Can you run this action from the command line?

The double slashes in javascript are normal and not the cause of the problem.