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Champion Sweeper
Trying to do an Autodesk Audit and have a couple things.

1. What is the variation checkbox for in the product keys?

2. Some of our systems are 64-bit and have 32-bit software loaded, is there a better way of key scanning other than creating another entry in the scanned Product Keys table to scan the 32bit Wow6432BitNode on a 64bit machine?

3. If the only way to do this is the option in question 2 then can I create a spreadsheet and then import it in to the product key table instead of manually entering each one?

Lansweeper Alumni
1. This should only be used for SQL Server product keys. Lansweeper tries to look for variations of the specified keys, as these may not always be exact.

2. If you submit the 32-bit key, Lansweeper will automatically try to scan the 64-bit variant as well.

3. There is currently no built-in functionality for importing product key data. You have to submit the keys manually or you could write a script to insert the keys.