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Engaged Sweeper
Just finished upgrading to the latest version of 4.0.

I spent the better part of yesterday setting up emailed alerts for specific errors found in a given server's system or application event log.

I fully expected a crush of emails at the start, but it appears that I'm getting the same email alerts over and over.

I guess I was expecting once the message was sent for a given error, it would not be resent, unless the data and/or time was different.

However, I keep getting error alerts for issues that appeared over 3 weeks ago (and have been fix).

Am I missing something?
Lansweeper Alumni
You can check on the computer page of one of the computers.

The first time a computer is scanned the last 50 events are gathered for each log, after this it's incrementally added.
Lansweeper Alumni
Is it possible that the event happened three weeks ago but Lansweeper is just now scanning it?
Was this event in the database before you got the e-mails
Engaged Sweeper
Scanning functionality was only activated a couple days ago, so I suspected I would get a lot of older alerts. Therefore, I wasn't surprised that my email was getting blown up with alerts.

The problem is....I keep getting these same older alerts, over and over.

So I'm weeding through hundreds of alerts...

Needless to say, I turned off the email alerting for now since its brutal to sort through this many emails repeatedly.

How can I check if the events are already in the Lansweeper DB?