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Engaged Sweeper
Two questions:
Do the tools need to be in a specific folder on the server to work?

What rights does regular user need on the lansweeper server or the database on the database server to be able to use the remote tools using the lansweeper web console.
Lansweeper Alumni
For the error in the screenshot see this link:

The easiest way is to use a shared folder to store all tools.
Engaged Sweeper
I have placed them in a folder on the desktop running the console and on the server in a folder with the same name on each and our helpdesk cannot use the commands. In addition it is a command like ping that would be in the system32 folder. Also they are in the actions folder so where is it pulling from when you are using the console locally on a desktop? I have an admin acct on the server and using that same id on my workstation I can run them all but another person with an admin account cannot but the files were also copied to the same folders on their machine.
Engaged Sweeper III
Ours are in %program files%\lansweeper\actions, but I think you can modify your action path within the LS configuration tool.

The actions run in the context of the browser user, so, assuming they have access to the LS website, they can run the tools/actions on any machine to which they have rights.

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