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Engaged Sweeper III
I for the most part I love Lansweeper. But the web based report editor can drive me into a stroke causing rage. Why can I not change the column widths?? Being able to quickly look at the "Criteria" column has become a huge chore. I relize this may be a small issue but it sure would make my work in lansweeper go a lot smoother. And I wouldnt dread it so much when i'm asked to make report changes. If you got it to remember (maybe a cookie?) my column widths between uses that would be ever better!

Maybe i've missed something and this is possible? And maybe I'm the only one that constanly has to manually make report changes?
Lansweeper Alumni
The report builder is based on a third party tool. We have asked the developer to make the columns resizable, but they have so far not given us a release date for this feature.