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Engaged Sweeper II
Our IP phones are managed and controlled by our service provider. They maintain a Cisco router that connects to our production network for the voice traffic. We don't have access to that router. This router acts as a DHCP server so that the phones can obtain an IP address; however, in our network, all the phone/voice traffic is handled at L2 using a voice VLAN - we don't have a routed interface for that VLAN on our network.

We'd like to be able to scan the phones as assets on the network, but, because of the setup described above, we can't scan by IP address since the phone subnet isn't accessible from our LAN. Does Lansweeper have a way of scanning assets by MAC address only? The phones connect to our switch infrastructure, so we do see their MACs in the switches' forwarding DB.

If this isn't possible, can a custom report by MAC address be created to serve something of that function?


Jon Koelker
Oyster River School District
Durham, NH