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Engaged Sweeper III
After manually creating an asset for a Mac including computer name, asset type, and IP address defined, I expected the rest of the data to be retrieved by Lansweeper when the computer was scanned, but nothing was added to the asset after the scan completed. There are no errors indicating that the scan did not work (auth SSH error ect...) and I watched the IP go through the scan queue. Is this normal for a manually added asset? Any help is appreciated.

Lansweeper Alumni
We will consider this issue resolved, as we have not heard back from you.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact and provide us with:
- Link to this forum thread.
- Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\Errorlog.txt, as present on your Lansweeper server.
- Screenshot of the client machine's Lansweeper webpage.
- Screenshot of a connection test performed to the machine using DeviceTester.exe:
Perform the test on your Lansweeper server, connecting to the machine’s IP address, and show us the entire test window.