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Engaged Sweeper

I am having an issue with Lansweeper and not quite sure if the solution is to also use the lsclient.

We are atm only using the Active Scanning feature, but it is kinda buggy when looking at userlogon. If I read the documentation correct, does it ask the DCs about loginfo, but will only scan each 8th hour, which sometimes gives some strange logon info.

We normally shutdown our computers when going home, but while I have been on vacation can I see another user have been using my computer and I guess he have just locked it and gone home as I can see logins each 8-9th during the night. These arent really logins (Really dont hope an external printer-guy is logging on to my computer around 4.00 AM).
Also isnt here any info on my PC about logins yesterday even when I were logging in and out.

But what I need is a 100% correct way of see when users are logging into their computers and it shall be real logins and not some *fake* once (It give me an login with current time as logontime if I do a scan from the console - which it also wrong).

Any solution to that?
Lansweeper Alumni
lsclient does what you want.