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Engaged Sweeper

First please excuse my bad english

following scenario:
in our old AD in the UserAccount the content of the displayName was "Surname.Firstname".
all woks fine.

In our new AD the content of the displayName is "Surname, Firstname <>" and in CN is "Surname.Firstname"

When I search in Lansweeper in the Searchfield for users in AD, and click on one of the results and it is a user from the new AD, an error message "Server Error in the Application / Lansweeper" appears.
I suspect the reason is, that the displayName in the AD contains "," "@" and "<>".
Can you change the SQL query to not disturb these characters, or can the query use CN instead displayName?

regards, Stephan
Engaged Sweeper
thanks, it works great
Lansweeper Alumni
You can add the line below, marked in bold, to the Program Files\Lansweeper\Website\web.config file on your Lansweeper server. This should get rid of the errors.

<compilation debug="false" defaultLanguage="VB"/>
<pages validateRequest="false" />