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Engaged Sweeper

We currently have a problem getting the Reports to send via Email. We have configured the relevant pages and tried numerous combinations of server/user authenticated/unauthenticated etc. etc. but no luck!

There are no Email errors in errorlog.txt or in the event logs of the LanSweeper server or Mail servers. The only error that we see is occasionally in the "scanning log" which is the helpful error "failure sending email" but this is sporadic and doesn't always show or coincide with the testing of sending reports via email.

All our other servers/software that need to send email work fine with the same configuration and I can telnet to the email server from the Lansweeper server so would like to know what is wrong.

Any help would be appreciated as we have an urgent requirement to get these reports sending out automatically.

Lansweeper Alumni
Please mail us at support@lansweeper.com and provide screenshots/logfiles of the problem.