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Engaged Sweeper III
is there a way to set a device type based on the ip-range it is in?

We have several of IP-phones that are being seen as webservers.

Al of our phones are in specific ranges. Can we assign a type to these ranges so we can get an accurate listing of our phones?
Lansweeper Alumni
Could you contact us at and provide us with the following:
- Screenshot of your web console landing page. You can access your landing page by clicking on the Lansweeper logo in the top left corner of the web console. Please show us the whole page.
- Screenshot of the Lansweeper webpage for one problem IP phone.
- Screenshot of a connection test performed to the same IP phone using the Devicetester.exe, which can be found in
Program Files\Lansweeper\Actions on your Lansweeper server.
- Information on the phone's vendor and model.

We implemented a procedure not too long ago in order to more accurately identify certain IP phone models.