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Engaged Sweeper II

I would like to get a report of
1. Silverlight
2. Internet Explorer Version - 5 to 9

Can you please let us know how to generate this report with AD UserID,computername,IP Address, last seen

Best Regards,
Lansweeper Alumni
We recommend installing our latest beta, which includes some software scanning improvements. A database backup is recommended before applying any updates.

A report for Silverlight looks like this:

Select Top 1000000 tblComputers.Computername, tblComputers.ComputerUnique,
tblComputers.Computer, tblComputers.LastknownIP, tblComputers.Lastseen,
tblSoftware.softwareName As Software, tblSoftware.softwareVersion As Version,
tblSoftware.SoftwarePublisher As Publisher, tblADusers.Username
From tblSoftware Inner Join
tblComputers On tblSoftware.ComputerName = tblComputers.Computername
Inner Join
web40ActiveComputers On tblComputers.Computername =
web40ActiveComputers.Computername Inner Join
tblADusers On tblADusers.Username = tblComputers.Username
Where tblSoftware.softwareName Like '%Silverlight%'
Order By tblComputers.Computer

Reports for IE5-8 are similar. (Replace "Silverlight".) For IE9, please refer to this forum thread.

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