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Engaged Sweeper
Hello !

We have a lot of printers with integrated printserver.
They were found with the IP-Scan function.
The information we get via Lansweeper is:

State: Active
Type: Printer
IP: 172.29.xy.z
Name: KYOCERA Corporation 172.29.xy.z
Model: FS-1900
Vendor: KYOCERA Corporation
IP location: BUSINESS
Http server: JC-HTTPD/1.14.18
Ftp header: 220
Printed pages: 133360
Printer status: Bereit
and so on..

But the most interesting detail misses, the hostname.
(and if its possible searchable via LS- searchfield)
Lansweeper Alumni
Could you try removing the affected machines and rescanning them? If the problem persists, that means that DNS cannot be resolved or the host name cannot be found.
Engaged Sweeper
I installed the latest beta.
The hostname from SEH Printservers is now used for "NAME", so
we can search for it. Great !
But for Kyocera Printservers (which definitly have a TCP/IP hostname set)
in the field "NAME" stands "Kyocera Command Center" which is the
title of the http-site.
Could this behaviour be changed ?
Lansweeper Alumni
Our latest beta does handle host names differently. Version 4.2 of Lansweeper uses the host name as display name if it is detected. If it is not available, other information is used.

So you might be interested in our latest beta installer. You can find it here.
We recommend performing a database backup before applying any updates.
Engaged Sweeper
Will there be a field in future ?
Lansweeper Alumni
There is currently no separate hostname field for devices.

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