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Champion Sweeper
We have a single PC that appears to have an issue in the database somewhere- what's the most efficient way to remove this device so it can be found again & re-create/create new entry?

PC Name is W32202079

Searching for that name in the main search box is successful, and attempts to open the page

However that page opens to a 500 - Internal Server Error

Searching by serial number returns no results
Going to the main Assets list and searching by either name or serial returns no results.

Champion Sweeper
Thanks for the prompt reply- as always you guys are the best!

Whatever the system was choking on last Friday appears to have gone away over the weekend, the symptoms are gone and everything is working perfectly- all pages & reports are now showing that asset as expected.
Lansweeper Alumni
Can you send the following to
-program files/Lansweeper/service/errorlog.txt
-program files/Lansweeper/website/app_data/errorlog.txt