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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

As you might know, software publishers, titles, and versions are not always as consistent as you would like them to be. Software publishers are not required to follow any sort of standardization for naming and versioning making reporting more of a challenge. For example, we often see Microsoft in many forms: “Microsoft,” “Microsoft Corporation,” “Microsoft Corp,” etc.

In order to make the data more useful, we are making strides to standardize the software data by leveraging rules and corrections to inform a machine learning model that is getting better with each iteration. We have some additional model training to do in the coming months. As you are in our early access program, we would like to share these preliminary results so you can see the direction we’re heading in and provide feedback.

The following features are now available for all cloud sites:

  • A new Software tab has been added to the main navigation to let you view all your software with ease.
  • Search for a particular software or publisher using the search box in the upper right.
  • Toggle between standardized software and your software as it was scanned . If you’d like to see the software information as scanned, uncheck the “Display Standardized Software Information” selection.
  • View Details of a software title , including the versions and scanned titles by clicking on the software in the All Software list or filtered view.
  • View standardized software on asset pages is now also available .

Head over to your site to take a look yourself and let us know what you think below!