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Engaged Sweeper III
I have been using this software for a month and there you have some feature requests (sorry about my english):

1. Desktop notifications: as outlook, gmail, facebook etc, it would be nice to add this feature for dashboard alerts, custom reports, helpdesk changes etc, to let the IT continue working on something else while there is no changes.

2. Email groups = AD groups: to create email alerts it would be much easier to add groups from AD not just creating them by hand.

3. Helpdesk CC by AD gruops: for example to create a ticket for and whole department, now you have to add all the users one by one. just adding a tab on the users selection window to allow to switch to AD group selector would make this easier. Or at least making it posible to search by group names to display only the users for a specific group.

4. Scanning credentials mapping is quite confusing since there is no way to recognice the IP ranges. It would be nice to add the option to map the credential to a scanning target and displaying a name field for that credential mapping.