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Engaged Sweeper

I have just setup Lansweeper and now I am trying to use the web browser on my computer to run tools and other options. When I run the same tools from the server it works fine. From my computer I receive the Internet Explorer Error and tells me to add the website to the trusted list. I have done this and check several times but it keeps giving me the error. I tired the same tools from Firefox and they work fine. Does anyone know what I could be the problem?

Thank you,
Engaged Sweeper
I just fond the problem when I was send an email to support. I must have not save the chagnes when I updated the all of the tursted sites informaiton.

Thank you.
Lansweeper Alumni
Could you try restarting your browser first. If this doesn't help, please contact support@lansweeper.com and provide us with screenshots of the following:
- The error you are seeing.
- Your IE configuration.