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Engaged Sweeper

When my scanning server does the nightly scan, the network will drop on the device it is scanning.  It is almost as if it is taking all of the available bandwidth on the network.  My internal network is gigabit and my Internet connection is also gigabit.  I am using this on my home network and it is causing my work laptop to drop connection while I am working on items.  It will generally take about 5 minutes before I get my network connection back and am able to continue with what I was working on.  I never had this problem before when having the software set up in a corporate environment and am not seeing why this is happening now.  Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Engaged Sweeper

Hello tbingeman! 

Were you able to solve the issue? I have a similar case on a customer, the difference is that it occurs on some clients only and they don't totally drop the connection, only the web and oracle connections (for example teams is not affected by the issue) .

Thank you in advance for your response



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