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Ok .. I need your help for those that program in WMI or Cscript. I have figured out how to uninstall apps from remote systems now I would like to combine it into one script. I know that combining the information in the database and remote commands this can be done. I don’t know if the registry keys for the software are read during the scan into the database but here is what I found out.

1. The software for uninstalling is located:

2. Under there you will find the list of software that is installed on the machine. Here we need to query the registry on “Display name” for the name of the app
3. we then can return the Key name “uninstallstring”
4. from there we can type the following command
MsiExec.exe /x{77DCDCE3-2DED-62F3-8154-05E745472D07} /quiet /norestart

Please note some programs have /I on the uninstall command this can be changed to /x which will forced uninstall without interaction from the user. The /quiet switch is for no action from the user and the /norestart is just that no restarting the system

Now if the program was not installed using MSIExec.exe then query the Uninstall string to execute the command to remove the program.

Please let me know if there is anyone that can help me. I have a small network but a lot of uncontrolled software.

Hello everyone,
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Thank you for understanding.