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Engaged Sweeper III
I started with Lansweeper a long time ago, so I've been through several upgrades. I was last running 3.5.2 and meant to get around to upgrading long before now. But today was the day. So I review the documentation and forums for comments and issues and found none of note. So I proceeded with the install. Then I ran into problems.

1. The upgrade left Lansweeper unusable. Instead of getting the nice new screens, I get lots of database errors.

2. I found that the upgrade did not set the password in lansweeper.exe.config for the database. An easy fix, but there was nothing in the instructions that noted that I should have to do that manually.

3. Still lots of database errors. Downloaded the manual database upgrade. Ran it. Still errors.

4. The website was moved from another server to this one at some point, so it was not installed as an option originally. The upgrade gave me no way to install it, nor could I apparently add it afterwards easily.

At this point, I decided maybe a fresh install would work better. So I uninstalled Lansweeper completely and restarted the server. I restored the original 3.5 database and manually ran the upgrade script downloaded from the sticky in this forum. Plenty of errors. I'll attach the results to this post.

1. During the install, it stopped me telling me I could only run one server unless I had enterprise. I don't. But the install wouldn't continue unless I said I did. So I did. I still only have 1 server.

2. Again, the database password was not set in lansweeper.exe.config nor in web.config.

3. I still have database errors. I will try to attach files showing them.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us by e-mail for this problem.
Engaged Sweeper III
oh... and the install log if that's helpful at all.
Engaged Sweeper III
And the last file wouldn't fit...