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Engaged Sweeper
Hi, I've already discussed this with the Lansweeper support, so now I turn to you, great Community!

Anyone out there who is using Lansweeper without an AD? I'm trying to add users into Lansweeper, to create a relationship between Users and Assets, like "used by..." or "borrowed by..."

Officially an AD is needed for that kind of Users, since Local Users aren't supported nor are Help Desk Users.

There is a solution to manually edit / populate the Database but that's not a supported Solution (and that's perfectly ok).
You might be able to manually add entries to tblADusers (columns username, userdomain, name) using SQL code

See -> http://www.lansweeper.com/Forum/yaf_postst11060_Asset-User-relations-without-AD.aspx#post41299

This trick is working fine BUT

Everytime after a reboot of the Lansweeper Server, the tblADusers is empty again.

1. Is there someone out there who is adding Non-AD Users?
2. Any Idea why the table gets purged? (there is no cleanup Option enabled in LS, everything that cleans up sth in the DB is turned OFF)

thanks for your efforts

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