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Engaged Sweeper III
You will need IEHistoryView to use this action.

{actionpath}iehv.exe -folder "\\{computer}\c$\Users\{username}\Local Settings\History"
Lansweeper Alumni
We can't provide support for third-party actions, but we've seen similar behavior with other actions that access C$. Due to a quirk in Windows, the local C$ will be opened in some cases, if you do not have access to the target machine's C$. One would expect an access denied error instead.

Keep in mind that actions are run in the security context of the user initiating the action, so the user initiating the action must have access to C$ on the target computer. You can use runas.exe to run an action as a different user.
Engaged Sweeper
Tried absolutely everything in regards to viewing Internet Explorer 10 and 11 history remotely but nothing works.

Only thing it shows is my own IE browsing history.

Any ideas on how to fix this so I can see others rather than just my own?