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Engaged Sweeper
Hi there,

I'm currently trialling Lansweeper and love it so far. Just a quick question: We already have VNC installed on all our domain PC's and they have a password set (e.g. 1234).
When I try to use VNC Viewer via the web interface of Lansweeper (action screen, viewing a computer page) it can't connect to the PC with VNC viewer, I assume because I haven't entered a default VNC password in to Lansweeper. I can ping the computer fine, take a screen shot, and use the Open C$ links fine.

Does anyone know how to set a default VNC password in Lansweeper?

Many thanks,

Jez 🙂
Lansweeper Alumni
Please replace vncviewer.exe in the lansweeper\actions folder by the vncviewer.exe that you are using.
Engaged Sweeper II
I have the same question.