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Engaged Sweeper
Hello Support,

Running latest version. Here is the issue: I installed initially using the built-in website. I needed to secure access via authentication, so went thur install selecting IIS option. Now both are running IIS will only run on port other then 80 which the built-in version is running. I'm unable to remove the built-in version. I have tried uninstalling IIS and Lansweeper several times, for some reason Lansweeper is locked on 80 from the initial install.

How can I remove the built-in website and reset IIS to use port 80.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please note that you can restrict website access with the default UltiDev web server as well. The process is described here.

tony@2real.com wrote:
How can I remove the built-in website and reset IIS to use port 80.

To delete the website installed under the default web server do the following:
- Launch the UltiDev Web App Explorer.
- Select your Lansweeper website under “Default Shared Host Process”.
- Hit the “Delete application” button.

To reinstall the website under IIS do the following:
- Run the Lansweeper installer again.
- Choose New Installation\Advanced Install.
- Select only the website for reinstallation.
- Select one of the advanced options and choose your port.