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Champion Sweeper
LSPush does not seem to always update this value. My understanding is that "console user" details can be retrieved via WIN32_ComputerSystem (and this is already set to 0 for "always update" in the idle times list).

Is there a setting or issue we could be encountering? Perhaps LS does not use WIN32_CompSys to get logon data? but rather eventlog? (which is also 0 idletime though)
Lansweeper Alumni
User logon info is queried from several WMI classes. (Though it is possible to retrieve this data from the event viewer as well, this is not the standard method used by Lansweeper.)

There is actually no wait time for logons. The currently logged on user is always collected when the client machine is scanned. Could you ensure that your machines have in fact been successfully scanned. Their "last seen" date should be recent.

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